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        The journey to recovery looks different for everyone. Let's work together to achieve your personal recovery goals.

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        In Episode 98 of the #MindVine #mentalhealth podcast we are discussing the importance of caregivers, particularly for loved ones living with #dementia.

        Recently, Eli Brown was on vacation from his home in New Brunswick visiting friends and family in Toronto.

        After five years of volunteer firefighting and many more as a professional, it’s time to talk a bit.

        My reaction to the first intake call was anxious, curious, and prepared for disappointment.

        In my parents’ living room, there is a copy of Ontario Shores’ 2015 annual report with my smiling face gracing the cover.

        Unlike physical illness or injuries, mental illness is invisible. Anyone can suffer from mental illness regardless of gender or status.

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        Presented by: Chloe Lau, MSc, Psychology Intern Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences ?Learning Objectives: